Past cakes.

Earlier this autumn I was asked to write a short post for the Copenhagen-based blog Scandinavia Standard. This brought to mind a recipe I had in my Moleskin, that I jotted down earlier this year. For a chocolaty, compact, not-so-sweet Chocolate Banana Bread. Might be worth another try. Without sugar, dairy and gluten. 


from what was in the pantry

what to

The dry

75 ml good quality cacao
pinch of sea salt
150 ml oat flour 

* to make oat flour put about 200 ml oats in mixer/food processor and pulsate until powdery 

The wet

1/2 a banana (or one small)
3 eggs
1 tbsp almond butter
1/2 tbsp agave syrup
1 tbsp oil (olive or coconut)
3 dried figs/dates


how to

175°c for about 25 min

put all wet ingredients in a mixer and mix until smooth. Fold in oat flour and cacao so that it's thoroughly mixed in. If the batter is too runny add some more oat flour. Pour the whole lot into a form sprinkle with some sea salt and bake. Let cool and cut in slices to be enjoyed as an afternoon treat or finishing of a weekend breakfast.

*an idea is also to put some cacao nibs in the batter - or even nuts? To get some crunchiness.