Friday plums.

Fancy, it's friday again.  Week-end endeavors:

Go to a concert with this Danish band. Like a mix of Alt-J and the Killers. 

Eat this seemingly incredible version of my everyday breakfast.

Read Looking for Alaska by John Green. Hoping it's as spellbinding as The fault in our stars.

Admire the delicate design of chairs. Particularly the ones by Wegner.

Showing the two gals Elin & Elin around wonderful Copenhagen. Maybe with a few of these spots.

Drink champagne. (To be honest, I already started on that one).

Cardamom overnight oats by shellsten

Orange and cardamom oats

in a jar

In the evening

juice from one orange

oats , about 100-150 ml (depending on the size of the orange)

chia seeds, 1 tbsp

sea salt, one pinch

ground cardamom, 1 tsp

burbon vanilla, the tip of a knife

put all ingredients in a jar, mix and put in fridge over night


In the morning

a plum or two (or other fruit)

toasted walnuts/almonds/pumpkin seeds

acai powder, 1 tsp (optional)

(sometimes I also add a spoon of Skyr)

add this to the jar and bring it with you (!) or just arrange in a bowl