I love to explore. Going around all by myself in a new city is one of my favorite things. Looking at buildings, peeking into back alleys, sipping a cup of tea and watching people. I don't know why this appeals to me so much, but in some way it is mediative. I like the discovering of new spaces, collecting novel impressions that I later can share. 

No wonder I fell in love with Cereal the moment I got my eyes on the magazine. It's a quarterly magazine in the pursuit of travel and lifestyle. Not only is the photography stunning and the texts so beautiful you don't want to put it down even for a second - but Cereal has also created a range of city guides: Guided by Cereal. These are just as wonderful as the magazine. So my suggestion for today: if you are planning a trip do have a look if your destination is on their list - if so (and even if not!) go on and get a subscription, both of the magazine and the guides.

*Photos in this post are by Rich Stapleton borrowed from