The Japanese Table

The cookbook I’ve been working on is finally out in stores (!). Have to pinch myself. Such a crazy and incredible thing I never in my wildest dreams thought would happen. But here it is, a book I created with my two own hands and over the past 2,5 years. It’s filled with memories and experiences from Japan, photos of food and scenery that I’ve stumbled across over the year - and lastly the kind of food I miss the most when I’m not in Japan. Now I’m just hoping that you all will enjoy it.

You can get it here (world) & here (Sweden) - and other places of course, especially if you’re in the UK.


The Japanese Table – small plates for simple meals is a celebration of my love of Japan with the simple recipes that are the backbone of Japanese home cooking. Based on the ichijuu-sansai tradition - which literally means `one soup, three dishes' - uncomplicated, delicious small plates are served with steamed rice, and can be enjoyed any time of day. Each ingredient is treated like royalty, and recipes include Onigiri, Clear shiitake soup, Soy-pickled eggs and Sweet miso cod.