For some time I've had this idea. I've scribbled down thoughts for menus in my notebook for about a year now, constantly inspired by places I've visited and food I've tasted. Many who know me are aware of my fondness of cooking and having people over for dinner. Fortunately, for me, they go hand in hand quite well. Even though I love the experience a great restaurant can offer, I still prefer a dinner (or breakfast!) with good company in someone's kitchen or dining room. For some reason, that's when it seems to taste the best. So this is what I will be doing. Hosting dinners and breakfast in friendly places. Starting with my own. There will probably not be matching cutlery and starched napkins, but hopefully a few new faces and 4 to 5 dishes that you don't whip up on a regular Tuesday. 

The gathering. 
As you understand this is an occasion for taking time to enjoy great food and talks. A few hours of breakfast or dinner. I will prepare a 4-5 course meal, alternatively a communal table setting, with appropriate liquids. All I ask of you is that you help me fund the ingredients on the plates and beverages in the glasses. The size of the party will vary depending on space, but I will have around 8-12 spots at the table.  It's also a rendez-vous - meeting new, and old, friends. I will invite a few friends of my own, then hopefully you will bring along someone who likes good food and is new to our gathering. The menu? Well you'll just have to be there to taste it.


the first breakfast or "Asa-cha"
Saturday, February 4th 2017
11 am

Theme: Japan
Location: TBA
Price: 250 SEK
To bring: a book
To dress: your Saturday good slacks

with name, phone number, allergies (if any) and friend (I hope you're bringing one) to or 0705837976