With focus on Japanese food and drinks I cook, develop recipes and menus, do food styling and host private events. If you have a private dinner/breakfast, project or event where you'd like to engage me just send an email to hellsten.sofia@gmail.com with your request and I'll get back to you. Below is a selection of work I've done.

 A few times a year I also arrange private Japanese brunch experiences in my apartment, read more under Leaves & Grains and sign up for updates.

Ichijuu Sansai, Japanese breakfast by shellsten
Japanese breakfast at Alma, Stockholm

private event at Alma

spinach, shitake, dashi
soy-pickled egg
tofu, mushrooms, jerusalem artichoke
white miso, daikon, aubergine, wakame, spring onion

miso-pickled radish
salt-pickled cucumber

hojicha (roasted green tea)


Japansk breakfast at Alma, Stockholm - by shellsten
Chilled Japanese somen for Underverk - by shellsten
Kakigori Ujikintoki for Underverk - by shellsten and Rui Tenreiro
Chilled Japanese Somen for Underverk - by shellsten
Toppings for Ujikintoki Kakigori - bu shellsten

Ice-shop at Underverk's Gastronomic Design Festival 2017

Chilled Somen
Classic 'Ujikintoki' Kakigori (Japanese shaved ice, in collaboration with
Rui Tenreiro)

Japanese ichijuu sansai breakfast at Leaves & Grains - by shellsten

Leaves & Grains - private food experience events exploring the world of Ichijuu Sansai.