Iceshop by UNDERVERK


On Saturday I was invited by UNDERVERK to participate in their Gastronomic Design Festival for a Saturday pop-up: Ice Shop. Along with two other tastemakers (Rui & Francesca) we served a trio of iced food.


SOMEN (素麺・そうめん)

A thin Japanese wheat noodle popular during the warm summer months. I served it chilled with tsuyu - a light, salty dipping sauce - and a topping of shiso and wasabi. Erika Petersdotter lent me her wonderful ceramic bowls.

Kakigori (Japanese style shaved ice), in collaboration with Rui Tenreiro. I made a classic Ujikintoki (宇治金時) flavour with Matcha syrup, Condensed milk, Kinako and Adzuki.


A Japanese dessert which is over 1000 years old, made by sliding an ice block over a metallic blade, creating thin flakes of ice which are then dowsed in syrup. Me and kakigori-expert Rui Tenreiro served a Japanese classic: Ujikintoki (宇治金時). Rui cranked the machine and I was in charge of the toppings: matcha* syrup and condensed milk with adzuki** beans and kinako***


The old-style hand cranked Kakigori machine.



Francesca Lusuardi served a refreshing street food dessert, originally from Rome. It is prepared by shaving ice manually from a big block, topped with a syrup. At Ice Shop you were welcome to shave your own Grattachecca with two combinations of flavours: citrus syrup with fennel seeds and basil syrup with fresh grape.

* Matcha is a Japanese powdered green tea usually drunk during the tea ceremony, then prepared by whisking the powder with hot water.
** Adzuki is a sweetened red bean.

*** Kinako is a flour made from soy beans, both commonly used in Japanese desserts.