Simple seeds.

Tahini granola by shellsten

Ok so the weekend's be eating, drinking, laughing, dreaming, dancing, walking.. I find it incredibly hard to get on with being what we all aim to be - productive. Ticking off lists. Sending emails. Reading articles about organizational theater...? So here's a recipe instead. Just because I finally got around to make a batch of granola. I saw that tahini jar in my fridge and just went for it. I think I might have over-simplified granola, in a good but dangerous way. I mean like this is really really simple. Less than an hour and you'll have a great morning treat (or standing by the oven eating it of the tray...). 

Tahini granola by shellsten
Tahini granola by shellsten

Tahini Granola

straight from the jar

what to

The dry

rolled oats, two-three big handfulls

almonds, one handfull (chopped)

pumpkin seeds, one small handfull

sunflower seeds, one small handfull

sesame seeds, 50 ml 

chia seeds, two tbsp

dried fruit, one big handfull (I used apricots and mulberries, goji berries would have been nice)

dried apple, one handfull (buy or make yourself)


The wet

tahini, 50 ml

agave syrup (or maple), 2 big tbsp

coconut oil, 1,5 tbsp

ground cinnamon, 1 tbsp

pinch of sea salt (makes all the difference!)


how to

180°c for about 30 min

In a big bowl mix the wet ingredients until smooth. Add all the dry ingredients (except for the dried fruit) and fold until the tahini mix has covered all seeds and grains. Put on a tray and bake in the oven until golden. Remember to keep an eye on the granola and stir now and again. During the last 10 min add the dried fruit, except the apple, to the tray. Let cool and put in a jar with the apple. That's it.

Tahini granola by shellsten

Perfect with oat or any other plant milk as well as Skyr or yoghurt. And those plums that are in season now of course.